Fresh Soursop Fruit shipped to U.S. addresses -
Fresh Soursop Fruit shipped to U.S. addresses -
5 lb box of fresh soursop fruit

Fresh Soursop Fruit shipped to U.S. addresses

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UPDATE: We apologize, but due to a disruption in supply, there is no fresh soursop currently available. You can order today, but we will not ship until Tuesday 28 August for Wednesday 29 August delivery. Please read below before ordering. 

Alternatives include:

This fresh soursop fruit is from a U.S. fruit importer that buys fruit from small farms in the Caribbean. When you order, the fruit is picked each Sunday and delivered to our depot by Tuesday. It is then shipped to you Tuesday via 1 or 2-Day air courier service to ensure freshness depending on your location in the USA. (We do not ship on slower shipping options because the fruit does not survive the trip.)

NOTE: The weekly soursop harvest is on Sundays in the Caribbean. Orders are fulfilled Tuesdays from Miami. They are delivered Wednesday or Thursday to U.S. addresses based on your location.  You will receive FedEx tracking info on Tuesday evening. For order deadlines, please scroll down.

Note you must order by noon (ET) each Sunday to get an order fulfilled on the following Tuesday. Please note during national U.S. holiday weekends there are no shipments that week if the Monday or delivery day is a holiday or if the harvest occurs on a Sunday. We will alert you by email if this is the case. 


To get a custom shipping rate start the checkout process and enter your address. You will see the price plus shipping and can decided if you want to proceed. The closer you are to Miami, the more affordable the shipping. If you live in the northern states, close to the Canadian border, or west coast states, you can expect a shipping rate of around $85-$95. The further south or east you live, you expect the price to drop closer to around $45-$60. In Florida it will be less.

(Learn more about the cost of shipping fresh soursop fruit - click here.)

We try to keep the cost as low as possible for the fruit and still pay our suppliers a reasonable living wage for this wonderful and healing fruit.  

If you need a low cost alternative for cancer treatment consider drinking soursop tea made from the tree's leaves. We offer wild organic leaves picked in the Virgin Islands. The active cancer fighting element is more concentrated in the the leaves, stems and bark of the tree. And we have heard miracles about outcomes when cancer patients drink the tea. CLICK HERE FOR LEAVES.


If you live in Florida, click here for discounted local pricing to FL addresses


Each piece of fruit varies in size from 1 to 2.5 lbs.

  • Small box contains 2 to 4 pieces of fruit and weighs 3 to 5 lbs. You might receive 2 large pieces, 3 mixed sizes or 4 small pieces of fruit. 
  • Medium box contains approx. 3 to 5 pieces of fruit and weighs 6 to 7 lbs.
  • Large box contains approx. 4 to 8 pieces of fruit and weighs 8 to 9 lbs. 

Fruit varies in sizes and water content so variability between orders can be expected. Soursop also shrinks slightly as it ripens.


If you order on a Sunday before noon (ET), the shipment will be fulfilled in 2 days on Tuesday. If you order after Sunday noon ET we will put your order on standby to be fulfilled 2 days later on Tuesday if there is enough inventory. However, if not, your order will be fulfilled a week later on the following Tuesday.

If you order on a Monday your order will be fulfilled in 8 days as we ship each week on Tuesday for orders received by noon (ET) on Sunday. 

If you order on a Tuesday your order will be fulfilled the following Tuesday a week later.

If you order on a Wednesday your order will be fulfilled the following Tuesday 6 days later.

If you order on a Thursday your order will be fulfilled the following Tuesday 5 days later. 

If you order on a Friday your order will be fulfilled the following Tuesday 4 days later. 

If you order on a Saturday your order will be fulfilled the following Tuesday 3 days later. 


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