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Frozen soursop pulp

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Frozen soursop pulp from Colombia. Fruit pulp that is more convenient to consume in single-serving packaging. From Chiquita (2 x 7 oz packs) or Goya (14 oz packs). 

A small box contains 5 lbs of frozen soursop pulp in single serving (14 oz or 7 oz) sizes.

  • Chiquita soursop pulp is in a double 7 oz pack (see image)
  • Goya soursop pulp is in 14 oz packs 

We ship based on availability. If you prefer one brand over the other please include preference in comments at checkout (may result in a delayed shipment.)

We ship to the 48 contiguous states in a cold box with chill blocks. Please select 2 to 3 day service or better on check out to ensure the product gets to you in good condition. Refreeze immediately.