Organic Soursop Products - Wholesale Pricing for Leaves, Tea Bags, Dried Fruit

If you are seeking wholesale prices for soursop leaves made from soursop trees untainted by pesticides or herbicides, then you can contact using the form below and we will contact you within 1 business day.

We also offer wholesale prices on:
  • Whole soursop leaves (BULK and retail ready)
  • Soursop tea bags (retail packaging, bulk coming in mid-2024)
  • Soursop leaf powder (bulk) - on request - minimum order = 25 lbs
  • And freeze dried soursop fruit (minimum order $2000 USD).

We can refer you to a fresh soursop fruit supplier, however supply can be seasonal.

Wholesale Soursop Product Pricing

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Wholesale pricing for soursop leaves 

Our wholesale prices are significantly discounted from our direct to consumer prices due to volume of product purchased.

Our volume pricing for soursop leaves starts at 5 lbs. We will ship anywhere in the US and Canada. Our organically rasied soursop leaves are sourced in Malaysia, Peru and Grenada.

Our product can be delivered within 7-14 days of your order, based on your location and order size. 

Certified organic soursop leaves

Our soursop leaves have documentation as follows:

  • Peru - Certificate of Analysis
  • Malaysia -  Certificate of Analysis
  • Grenada - Grower Statement (CoA pending).

Who is eligible for wholesale prices for soursop leaves?

If you want a minimum of 5 lbs of soursop leaves (2.27 kg), we can supply the product to you at drastically reduced wholesale pricing relative to direct to consumer pricing. Volume sales are necessary to access the preferred prices. If you are a supplement manufacturer, a whole foods distributor, a wellness business or if you have a market that requires access to volumes of product, they we can help you serve your customers or volume consumption needs. 

Get whole prices for soursop leaves

Are you ready to  access wholesale prices for organic soursop leaves? Contact us via email our management team - Fill the form above or call us at (833) 711-0229.