Why is shipping so expensive for fresh soursop fruit

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One of the top questions we get at SoursopStore.com is:

Why is shipping so expensive for soursop fruit?

We sell the fruit at approximately $15-$17 per lb which covers the cost of paying the farmers in the Caribbean, shipping by air to Miami after Sunday harvest overnight, running our online business, and then packing it for your our customer.

On top of that you have to pay almost the same amount again - between $35 and $95 usually - to FedEx to get it 1-2 days later at your door anywhere in the continental U.S. 

People complain about the shipping charges. "It's TOOOO MUCH!" a customer said to me today on the phone. "I just want to get it to my dad who has cancer." 

I agreed with her. And we are doing our best to get that down by negotiating with the shipping companies.

Some people wonder if there are hidden fees.

The answer to that: No. You pay the cost of the insulated foam box and shipping fees that get it to your door from Miami to you either next day or two day. In some cases this is all the way across the U.S. and, for some customers, almost to the Canadian border.

Unfortunately, we cannot ship it on a slower service because the fruit is sensitive to temperature and starts to ripen in transit. It does not keep outside of a refrigerator longer than about 72 hours in either cold temperatures or overly warm temperatures. We don't want you to get a big box of ruined overripe fruit.

That is why we are very clear in our terms of service that you agree to at checkout.

The good news is as our volumes grow we have been able to negotiate better rates with FedEx and we pass those savings on to you. In fact, the cost of shipping on our site has dropped recently by 20% because of that, and we are trying to get it down even further. 

So what are your options?

For fresh fruit, you can check out and see what the latest cost is. For a small box which is about 3 to 4 piece of fruit plus shipping halfway across the U.S., it's going to run about $150 all in with shipping give or take $10. States closer to Florida will see a lower charge. The further north and west you live the price is going to be somewhat higher. 

Here are some more affordable alternatives:

Some people swear by the fruit, and they refuse to buy anything else. That's ok, but if the economics don't fit your budget there are alternatives to using soursop to fight cancer: 

1) We ship dried organic soursop leaves to make tea. They are sourced from wild trees in the Virgin Islands. It comes with a free soursop tea guide to make tea to use in a fight against cancer.  Shipping is free in the US and low cost in Canada and beyond. The active cancer fighting ingredient in soursop -- called a phytochemical -- is higher in leaves than the fruit. A month's supply is under $40.

2) Prefer the fruit? Buy soursop pulp from us. We sell 5 lbs for about $50. It comes from Colombia. It's frozen when it leaves us here in Florida and gets to you inside a cold box in a chilled format. Plus in 5 lbs of pulp there are 12 packs of 7 oz each. They are easy to manage single servings, each sealed in their own package. Shipping is another $50 or so. It ships by three day on Mondays and Tuesday because we don't want it sitting around on hold over the weekend in a courier's warehouse.

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