Premium Organic Soursop Tea Bags (50 tea bags)
Premium Organic Soursop Tea Bags (50 tea bags)
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Premium Organic Soursop Tea Bags (50 tea bags)

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Organic soursop tea is made from 100% pure organic soursop leaves grown in Malaysia and dried in the tropical warmth. Each resealable pack contains 50 single-serving soursop tea bags.

These organic soursop tea bags product is made on a Malaysian farm a few miles from the Johor Strait in the tropical rolling hills in the southern region of Malaysia.

Our staff has inspected the farm and has had a relationship since 2018.
The leaves are high quality and hand-picked from an orchard of 1,000 trees in a legacy part if the farm owned by a single family. 

All trees are organically raised. Leaves are air-dried in the warm tropical air and ground into powder and packed into tea bags.

The tea bags make a delicious tea that tastes like a cross between green tea with vanilla notes.

Product is organically grown. Non GMO. No pesticides. No herbicides.

How to prepare Premium Organic Soursop Tea

  • Place 1 soursop tea bag in cup or mug.
  • Boil fresh water enough to fill cup or mug.
  • Fill cup or mug with boiled water  
  • Let steep for 3 to 5 minutes
  • Serve hot. Or let cool and chill in fridge for use as ice tea.

Free shipping of these organic soursop tea bags to U.S. addresses. 

Organic tea bag product notes:

  • Keep in cool dry covered container or the resealable package it comes in
  • Unopened pack has a shelf life of 24+ months

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