What illnesses can soursop be used for?

Soursop is extremely versatile in natural medicine. Its benefits in helping fight cancer and in tumor reduction has become famous. 

But soursop anti-cancer superpowers are just the beginning of  the list of conditions and illness people use it to treat. Here are some of the ailments and conditions it is used to treat in natural medicine.

Soursop to reduce inflammation

Most disease and chronic health conditions are linked to excessive inflammatory response in the body. Free radicals, which are highly reactive oxygen molecules, disrupt biological systems and cause cell damage. Soursop may fight inflammation by acting as an antioxidant, which mops up free radicals. That improves cell health and can thwart disease conditions. 

Soursop to treat arthritis

A research study on rats showed that oral administration of soursop leaf extracts for two weeks was able to suppress certain key inflammatory proteins. That resulted in a decrease of arthritic swelling of between 70 and 80 per cent. Studies like on humans need to be done to confirm the results.

Pain relief and soursop

In natural medicine practices, ingesting soursop is used to reduce pain. Research studies shows it may block pain receptors and reduce inflammation.

Diabetes and soursop

One research study, shows that eating soursop fruit (minus the seeds which contain toxins) can keep blood sugar levels in check after eating. It does this by blocking enzymes that increase blood sugar levels. In another research study, an extract from the soursop leaf was shown to promote growth of insulin-creating pancreas cells. Hypertension, aka high blood pressure, can be reduced by compounds in soursop. It can encourage the body to become more receptive to insulin. This is helps diabetes sufferers and those that are at risk of diabetes. Because it's versatility in aiding blood sugar management, soursop can be used and show great promise in managing and treating Type-2 Diabetes.

Hypertension or high blood pressure

Soursop can reduce blood pressure without impacting heart rate.

Liver issues and soursop

The liver is an organ in the body that is removes the material bilirubin from the body. Bilirubin is an orange / yellow pigment that is produced by the liver when hemoglobin is broken down. It is flushed out in the form of bile, which is a greenish-brown alkaline fluid which is produced by the liver, that helps with digestion.

Individuals who have jaundice have high levels of unmanaged bilirubin in their system. Its buildup creates a yellowish hue in skin.

Research shows that soursop extracts can control bilirubin levels in adult rats with jaundice. Besides helping liver function, soursop is known to protect the liver from chemical damage.

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