Is soursop tea caffeine free?

Is soursop tea caffeine free?

There is no Caffeine in soursop tea

Soursop tea, made from organic soursop leaves, is completely free of caffeine. Every cup you drink is caffeine free.

This is true of all soursop-based products, including fresh soursop fruit.

It is possible that some commercially made soursop teas or drinks may have caffeine thanks to additive ingredients, so it is important to read the nutrition label. However you will find most soursop teas will have zero caffeine in them.

Why? Because wild soursop leaves from the graviola tree are naturally caffeine free.

Coffee beans however have natural caffeine created by the plant. That caffeine is transferred to the beverage when beans are ground and brewed.

There are two species of plants that make up most of the commercially produced coffee beans on the planet. The most popular is Arabica, accounting for about 75 percent of all coffee beans. A typical Arabica bean contains 1.2% to 1.8% caffeine. Then there is canephora.  It is also called robusto and as much as 2.4% caffeine . 

Caffiene's chemical symbol is C8H10H4O2. The molecule is illustrated on this page.

Guarantee of caffeine free soursop tea 

If you are looking for a guarantee of caffeine free soursop tea leaves then our leaves are as close as you can get. We import wild harvested soursop leaves handpicked from graviola trees in the Virgin Islands. They are air-dried on racks and then packed to preserve their herbaceous flavor, which when made into tea tastes like a cross between green tea and vanilla. No caffeine is introduced to them.

So what about soursop tea nutrition?

Soursop Tea Nutrition

Let start with the calories: The caloric intake from soursop tea made from graviola tree leaves is negligible. We have seen clams of zero or 1 calorie per cup.  Either way it won't make you fat or feed you substantively.

Like the fruit soursop leaves have traces of a variety of nutrients. But again not a major source worth mentioning.

For more info, see our page about our organic soursop leaves.

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