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CONSUMER: Bulk Soursop Leaf 1 lb / 453g from Peru - Suitable for Large Consumption or Wholesalers

CONSUMER: Bulk Soursop Leaf 1 lb / 453g from Peru - Suitable for Large Consumption or Wholesalers

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This bulk whole leaf soursop is designed and priced for large consumer consumption, restaurant use or retail resale. 

Whole or partial leaf?:

The product contains a mixture of whole and partial shade-dried leaves (they contarin about 10% moisture) in the raw.  Other than rinsing, they are untreated and single ingredient.

Can I sell them as whole leaf?

Because the product is direct from the farm, it is unprocessed and so it has not be selected for whole or partial leaves. We recommend self-sorting these these and grinding partials. 

Example of unprocessed soursop leaves you will get with this product:


Leaf color:

Shade drying outside direct sunlight retains some of the moisture, as such leaves will have a color range from light green to brown.

Is this product for consumers or wholesalers only?

This product is designed for use by both consumers and wholesalers. Imperfect and partial leaves will be included in the product along with some whole leaves. The ratio can vary. 


Bulk packs each contain 1 lbs (16 oz) or 453g of dried whole and partial soursop leaves.

Or we also offer 5 lbs (80 oz) or 2.26kg of dried whole and partial soursop leaves.


Bulk soursop leaves are shipped in a simple plastic bag with an identifying label.

Additional product info:

  • All-natural
  • Non-GMO
  • No herbicides used
  • No pesticides used
  • No sugar added
  • No caffeine
  • Gluten-free 
  • No additives.
  • Certificate of Analysis available on request (email us)

Shelf life:

These leaves should be pack in an air-tight container and kept away from light when stored. Shelf life under these conditions is about 24 months. 

Where are these soursop leaves from?

We have three leaf sources:
1) Peru. Shade-dried. Chemical free. Certificate of Analysis available.

2) Malaysia. Grown on a family farm in south Malaysia (near Singapore.) Shade-dried. Chemical free. Certificate of Analysis available.1 lb bags only. 

3) Grenada: COMING SOON (late March or early April): Small soursop farm on the island. Letter of organic status from grower. CofA pending.


The leaves are rinsed by the farmer with fresh water and shade dried at origin, however it is recommended that you rinse with cold water again before use.

After rinsing with cold water, cut 1-2 leaves in to small pieces and place in a steeper in boiling water for 4-6 minutes. Use 1 leaf for a small cup and 1-2 for a mug.

The tea is ready to consume after the steeping brew turns dark green or light brown. Steep longer for a deeper flavor if desired.

Organic status:

These leaves are not USDA certified organic. They are however raised using organic  methods without use of chemicals (no herbicides, no pesticides).

Is this a good deal?

A similar product from Malaysia (mostly whole leaves, a few partials) is sold retail to our direct customers in 2.5 oz bags for up to $23.95 / pack.


This product is in all natural form and in bulk form with whole, partial and imperfect leaves in the bag and is a pre-retail condition, so some leaves may be better suited to be ground. All sales are final.


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