Fresh Soursop Fruit for Florida Residents -

Fresh Soursop Fruit for Florida Residents

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Our next fresh soursop shipment is scheduled for Tuesday 31 July with delivery on Wednesday August 1. There may be some supply available on Tuesday July 24 for July 25 delivery, however we are waiting to hear from our farmer partners on this. Any orders made on before July 21 may be deferred to July 31. We will send you an update if you order. Or watch this page for additional information.

This fresh soursop fruit is grown in the Caribbean, harvested each Sunday, and shipped from Miami where it is received on Tuesdays each week to you, for delivery on Wednesday.

Note that the fruit is harvested on Sundays, received in Miami Monday and shipped FedEx Home Service (1 to 2 days) to addresses in Florida. We do not ship on slower shipping options because the fruit does not survive the trip.

As a Florida resident, you enjoy the lowest cost access to fresh soursop fruit because of the proximity to the Caribbean and South America. 

Please note that the fruit varies in size from 1 to 2.75 lbs per piece. In a 3-5 lb order you might get 2 large pieces of fruit or 4 smaller pieces of fruit.

In a 5-7 lb order you might get 3 large pieces of fruit, or 4 or 5 smaller pieces of fruit or a combination of sizes and weights.

Fruit ordered before noon Sunday will be fulfilled the following Tuesday.

Fruit ordered after noon on Sundays may be fulfilled from that day's harvest, but may be delayed a week and shipped on Tuesday the following week.

Fruit supply may be delayed a week if a holiday interrupts the weekly Sunday harvest (Christmas, New Years, Easter, etc) or if Monday is a national U.S. holiday.

Occasionally there is a mid week harvest and that will arrive to you on Saturdays. We will notify you if that is an option for you.





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