How To Make Soursop Tea

Prepare the tea to boost health or to fight against cancer 

Soursop has a reputation as a natural tool to fight many ailments including depression, inflammation, infections, viruses, insomnia, and of course it's most famous nemesis - cancer.

soursop teaBut how do you use it to fight an illness or to defend against and ailment and improve your health?

Here is the simple recipe to make soursop tea:

Order some organic dried soursop leaves. It's preferable that you select wild picked leaves harvested from nature to avoid pesticides, insecticides or any other product that made have been used to treat trees.

We ensure this by supplying only leaves are picked from wild trees in the Caribbean.

When you receive the leaves and make your first cup, select 2 to 3 leaves and either tear them into small pieces or cut them with herb shears (which we sell in our soursop tea starter kit). 

Drop them into the bottom of a tea or coffee mug. 

Boil fresh clean water.

Pour the boiling water onto the leaves and let steep for four to six minutes.

The water will turn a light lime green color. And if you smell it, the tea will have a slight herbaceous nose. 

Allow to cool enough to drink during this process and sip on it. To our palettes here at, it tastes like a cross between green tea with a hint of vanilla.

The boiled leaves will sink to the the bottom of the cup so you can easily sip the tea without getting the leaves into your mouth. However if you prefer you can use a tea steeper, like we sell in this soursop tea starter kit.

How much soursop tea do you drink?

For general health and well being one cup per day is sufficient. Around bed time is nice as the tea has a soothing effect and will make you feel sleepy.

How much soursop tea do I drink to use as a remedy for an illness? 

The short answer is 3 cups per day before each meal is the typical protocol. This keeps the key enzymes in your system and helps absorption before food is digested.

For a full explanation, you can download our free Soursop Tea Guide. This is also printed and included in the package when you buy soursop leaves from our store.