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Organic soursop leaves for tea + Tea Steeper

Organic soursop leaves for tea + Tea Steeper

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Whole Leaf Tea Steeper with Soursop Leaves (color of steeper may vary)

Order 2.5 oz  pack of dried organic soursop leaves and receive a discounted Green Leaf Tea Steeper.


Get this  leaf tea steeper for $2.99 (reg. $4.99) when you order 250 soursop leaves or more from via this page.

These organically raised soursop leaves are harvested from legacy graviola leaves from Malaysia. Non-GMO. No pesticides. No herbicides. Just as nature had intended.

They are air-dried and shipped to you via USPS in a vacuum sealed flat pack.  Each order contains at 2.5 oz of leaves per pack.

They are shipped vacuum sealed for freshness. 

Based on using 2 leaves per tea cup, here's how many cups you can expect from each order if drinking 3 cups per day

2.5 oz pack (200-250 leaves) = 100+ cups = ~30 day supply 

2 x 2.5 oz pack(400 to 500 leaves)  = 200+ cups = ~60 day supply 

3 x 2.5 oz pack(600 to 750 leaves)  300+ cups = ~90 day supply 

4 x 2.5 oz pack(800 to 1000 leaves)  = 400+ cups = ~120 day supply 

Free soursop tea guide 

Free soursop tea prep guide available on request:

Tea Making Instructions:

Steep 2 large leaves (3 for stronger tea) in a mug of boiling water and steep for 4 -5 minutes until the water is lime green. It will taste like a cross between green tea and vanilla with a slightly sweet taste. The longer it steeps the darker it gets and will become dark green or brown.

Drink as is or add a natural sweetener such as agave syrup or stevia for sweetness. Do not add sugar if using naturopathic approach to a health condition.

The tea is caffeine-free and has almost no calories.



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