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Business to business soursop sales

We offer volume pricing for naturopaths, medical and para-medical businesses, health food stores and retail sellers of soursop fruit and soursop leaves.

We can provide the following soursop product fulfilment to any U.S. or Canadian business.:

We can ship soursop leaves and freeze dried soursop to Mexico and Canada. Fresh fruit is not available to these territories.

We can ship soursop leaves to Europe and around the world in volume.

Fresh soursop fruit is not currently available to these territories. However, if you reach out and have a volume need, we may be able to make arranges to work with you on volume business.


Want wholesale soursop products pricing?



Fresh Soursop Fruit

Our team imports fresh soursop fruit from the Caribbean weekly. We can provide preferred pricing on fruit volumes starting at 20 lbs or full 40 lb flats delivered to your business or delivery to a cargo air terminal near you for pickup on a weekly basis.

Organic Soursop Powder

Our team imports fresh soursop powder from Malaysia. We can provide preferred pricing on volumes starting at 10 lbs (5 kg).

Organic Soursop Leaves

We have access to volume quantities of organic wild soursop leaves that are air dried and shipped to your business across the U.S., Canada and worldwide. Order sizes for preferred pricing starts at 10 lbs (4.5 kg) and we can ship in multiples of 10 lbs (4.5 kg). Sourced from Malaysia.

Contact us for volume pricing for any of these products. We wil automatically send you a price list:


Call us at (US and Canada) 1-888-310-0008 x2 or email kay@cyberwalker.com. 

Freeze Dried Soursop Fruit

We offer 50g (1.76 oz packs) of freeze dried soursop fruit. It eats like a chip.

Minimum order is 50 units with our branding on the product. Custom branding is available for orders of 200 units or more.