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Organic soursop leaves for tea + Tea Steeper

Organic soursop leaves for tea + Tea Steeper

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Whole Leaf Tea Steeper with Soursop Leaves (color of steeper may be green, red, purple, pink, blue, subject to availablity.)

Order 2.5 oz  pack of dried organic soursop leaves and receive a discounted  Tea Steeper.


Get this discounted leaf tea steeper  (reg. $5.99) when you order our 2.5 oz (70g) soursop leaves or more from via this page.

Also available:

Peru soursop leaves 1.7 oz plus steeper

These organically raised soursop leaves are harvested from graviola leaves from Grenada, Peru or Malaysia. Non-GMO. No pesticides. No herbicides. Just as nature had intended.

They are air-dried and shipped to you in a resealable pouch.  Each order contains at 2.5 oz (70g) of leaves per pack.

Based on using 1 leaves per tea cup, here's how many cups you can expect from each order if drinking 3 cups per day

2.5 oz pack  = ~80 cups = ~30 day supply 

Free soursop tea guide 

Free soursop tea prep guide available on request:

Tea Making Instructions:

Steep 1-2 large leaves (3 for stronger tea) in a mug of boiling water and steep for 4 -5 minutes until the water is lime green. It will taste like a cross between green tea and vanilla with a slightly sweet taste. The longer it steeps the darker it gets and will become dark green or brown.

The tea is caffeine-free and has almost no calories.



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