Gfruit availablity on Amazon ends, instead try these

GFruit alternative products

The fruit food product called Gfruit is no longer available on or elsewhere. It appears to have been pulled from the marketplace. 

However, you might be still interested in the following products as a replacement for Gfruit.




  • Freeze dried soursop (eats like a chip). No additives. Pure 100% soursop. Freeze drying retains 99% of the soursop nutrients.
  • Soursop Whole Leaves - Air dried for all natural tea making. Best way to consume soursop for health benefits
  • Soursop Tea Bags - Air dried soursop leave are ground and added to single serving convenient tea bags. Used to all natural tea making. Easiest way to consume soursop for health benefits
  • Soursop Fruit Powder - Add to recipes, dessert or smoothies. Great way to consumer soursop fruit without the cost. No additives
  • Fresh Soursop Fruit - Fresh fruit from Grenada. Harvested weekly and imported to the USA for fast delivery to your door (within 72 hours of harvest). The original whole soursop fruit. Pricey shipping due to speed and distance to origin farms.

    All soursop products above in the bulleted list can be ordered from the following link:

    Soursop also goes by the name graviola and guanabana (Spanish) as well as guyabano (Filipino).

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