Soursop leaves for the United Kingdom

Soursop leaves are used for all kinds of health issues, including cancer. They are famous in the United Kingdom because of two key reasons.

First they have been used in natural medicine for hundreds if not thousands of years. People who have lived in tropical such as Africa, the Caribbean and southeast Asia bring their knowledge when they settle in England, Scotland and Wales, and Northern Ireland, sharing their experience of soursop leaves with British people.

The second reason soursop leaves are being used by British people to help treat diseases such as cancer, is because there is an abundance of laboratory research that has been conducted that shows a natural component found in soursop leaves, and soursop fruit has been shown to be cytotoxic to cancer cells.

While there are no established British studies that have been conducted to prove that soursop leaves can be used as an effective tool to fight cancer, there are numerous scientists around the world that have published studies that show evidence of soursop's anti-cancer power. (Read more on soursop and cancer research here.)

Where to buy soursop leaves for tea and soursop fruit in the United Kingdom

Organic soursop leaves for tea are best sourced out of the Caribbean. You can order them here. They are shipped to the U.K by mail and arrive in about a week.   

Soursop fruit is a more difficult product to source. Because it grows in only tropical climates, it will normally come from the Caribbean via the United States.

However , the fresh fruit is highly perishable and so shipping across the Atlantic in an unrefrigerated state can be a difficult proposition to fulfil. If you visit the U.S. from the U.K. you can order frozen pulp or fresh soursop fruit for delivery to your temporary U.S. address. Click here.

Some African or South Amercian green grocers in he U.K. may have fresh soursop available if you check locally.