Do You Ship Soursop Products to the United States?

Yes we ship soursop products to the United States.

Our company warehouses dried soursop products in Indiana.

When you check out of our store you will see an option to ship to enter an address. Simply add a UZ address with ZIP code. And you will see the affordable shipping fees. Free shipping over $75 on retail orders.

We sell and ship the following to American residents:

- Dried soursop leaves used for tea
- Soursop leaf tea bags
- Soursop fruit powder (when in stock)
- Soursop tea soap

We do not ship fresh soursop fruit in the U.S. as it does not last out of refrigeration before over-ripening.

To see pricing in USD  be sure to switch the currency at the top of each of our product pages. This should happen automatically.

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