Buy Soursop Fruit

We offer fresh and frozen soursop fruit:

Fresh soursop fruit is harvested in the Caribbean on small farms each Sunday and shipped to you on Tuesday anywhere in the contiguous 48 states by Thursday. 1-Day FedEx shipping for a 4-5 lb box is $29 to $95 depending on where you live.


Frozen soursop pulp is available from Goya or Chiquita. This is raw pulp from Colombia with no additives. It is available in 14 oz sizes and is available in 5 lb orders for $49.98.  Shipping on 2 or 3 day in a foam box with chill packs to keep it cool. We ship Monday,  Tuesday and Wednesday each week. (We do not ship Thursday and Fridays as the box is held on weekends by courier companies.) Shipping costs $39 to $79 depending on destination in the USA. 



Organic Soursop Leaves. This is the preferred and most affordable way to consume soursop for health and healing. The leaves are wild grown in the Virgin Islands and hand harvested. No pesticides or herbicides used. Leaves from natural, wild trees. Air dried and ready for tea. Includes a free tea prep guide. We ship to Canada and the rest of the world for an additional fee.