Nine fun and delicious ways to enjoy soursop tea

Nine fun and delicious ways to enjoy soursop tea

soursop tea recipes

Soursop tea is a drink made from brewing the dried leaves of the soursop tree. It is natural and free of caffeine, sugar, fat, cholesterol, and sodium. It can also have a sedative effect when consumed. 

Here are nine fun ways to incorporate soursop tea into your diet.

Basic Soursop Tea

One of the easiest ways to enjoy soursop tea is on its own. It has a unique taste similar to a cross between green tea and vanilla, with a slightly sweet note. The strength of the flavor depends on how long it is brewed, but overall it does not have an overly strong flavor, so it can be enjoyed without the need for sweeteners. However, it pairs well with sweeteners such as honey and stevia. 

See a downloadable soursop tea prep guide is here 

On our website, we offer two ways for you to enjoy soursop tea. You can purchase leaves whole and shred and brew them. The benefit of this is that you can cut the leaves yourself, control how much is used, and how much to make. If you need convenience, you can purchase soursop tea bags. Both are natural, non-GMO, with no pesticides or herbicides. 

Combine it with your favorite teas 

Another way to enjoy soursop tea is to combine it with one of your favorite teas. Given that the tea has green tea, vanilla, and sweet notes, it pairs well with teas that also have those components. My favorite combination is soursop tea and green tea or soursop tea and lemon tea, but you can experiment with different teas to find your favorite combination. 

maple green tea soursop tea

Combining it with two or more teas

Another way to enjoy soursop tea is to combine it with two or more teas. Several teas pair well with each other and would also pair well with soursop. Maybe try adding lemon tea, to the soursop and green tea combination, to add a citrus note to the mix. There are many different combinations that you can try out. Regardless, of how you choose to combine it, you get to enjoy the benefits of the soursop tea along with any of the benefits that come from other teas..  

Iced Soursop Tea

Another great way to enjoy soursop tea is as an iced tea. This is a great drink for a hot summer’s day but can be enjoyed any time of the year. It’s easy, with few ingredients, many of which you have on hand. This too is also a great place to play around with tea combinations. 

If you would like a more traditional iced tea recipe, with a variety of flavors and teas, this is a great recipe: 

soursop iced tea recipe

If you want a more quick and easy recipe, you can make one with just soursop tea, a sweetener, and some lemon: 

quick soursop ice tea recipe

Experiment with sweetened soursop tea

soursop tea sweetened with honey

Soursop’s unique flavor can pair well with a variety of sweeteners. You can add more neutral sweeteners like stevia or sweeteners with more distinct flavors, such as honey or maple syrup. My personal favorite to use is maple syrup. I think the flavors of the tea pair well with its taste. You can also use raw sugar, however those who like to consume it as an all natural and health-promoting food may want to avoid sugar. 

You can also add sweetener syrups. So far I have used a maple bourbon flavored syrup for coffees and it tasted great added to my tea. 

honey bourbon syrup and soursop tea

Soursop tea can also be enjoyed without adding additional sweetener, it’s all up to personal preference. 

Creamy soursop tea 

creamy soursop tea

Everyone enjoys their tea and coffee in different ways, one of those ways is with the addition of milk (include plant milks), cream, and creamers. Some people add these things to make the tea or coffee less strong, but others just like the flavor it adds. Regardless, soursop tea tastes great with the milk and creamers I have used and is likely to pair well with your favorites as well. 

Soursop tea glaze 

So far, the ways to enjoy soursop tea mentioned have surrounded consuming it as a drink, but did you know that it can also be added to desserts and other sweets? 

An easy way to do this is by making a soursop tea glaze. All you need for this is strongly-brewed soursop tea and icing sugar. Additional ingredients is up to personal preference. This tastes great, is easy to make, and perfect to add to donuts, cookies, and more. Sugar avoiders may not use this recipe but for those that like sugar-sweetened syrups, this is a good one.

soursop tea glaze recipe

Soursop tea cookie recipe 

Do you know another great way to use that soursop tea glaze? On top of soursop tea cookies. This recipe is tasty, relatively easy, and inexpensive and would be a great addition to dessert time. This recipe is not meant to be healthy, however, it is a way to showcase soursop tea's unique taste creatively. 

This recipe is adapted from an earl grey tea cookie recipe by substituting it with soursop tea. This is also a place where you can use your favorite tea combination. Also, the soursop tea glaze would be a great thing to use in place of the cinnamon-sugar mixture.

Soursop Tea Slushie

Soursop tea can also be used to make a sweet treat that is perfect to enjoy in the warm weather. This soursop, frozen fruit slushie is also quick, easy, and tasty. It combines soursop tea, ice, sweetener, and fruit of choice. A great fruit to add to this recipe is soursop fruit or fruit powder, that way you get the taste of the fruit and the tea (you can purchase soursop fruit powder here). However, if you are in a place where the fresh fruit is hard to come by, this recipe tastes great with other kinds of fruit. 

soursop fruit slushie

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