A Complete Guide to Making Graviola Tea and Cooking with Soursop Leaves

graviola tea soursop tea

Over 40% of the population suffers from some type of chronic disease. These conditions range from cancer to diabetes to arthritis. Graviola tea offers a natural remedy for many people suffering from these ailments.  

This special tea gets made using soursop, a green fruit covered in small spikes. The fruit itself is full of vitamins and minerals. Yet, its leaves also contain powerful disease-fighting antioxidants.    

Follow this guide to learn how to add soursop to your diet for a range of health benefits. 

Soursop Tea Benefits 

Soursop gets found in tropical regions in Africa, South America, and Asia. Yet the many health benefits of soursop make this fruit and its leaves widely accessible. 

Many people choose to brew tea from Graviola leaves. The leaves have powerful antioxidant, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties. This is because of the plant leaves helping to protect the fruit from parasites.

The plant is also rich in phytochemicals, phenols, alkaloids, and acetogenins. Drinking soursop tea helps to boost the immune system and reduce inflammation. It also works to prevent infections, digestive issues, and respiratory conditions. 

Balancing Cholesterol, Blood Sugar, and Blood Pressure Levels 

Those with high cholesterol, hypertension, and diabetes can improve their health with soursop. Properties within the tea stabilize blood sugar, blood pressure, and cholesterol levels. It can also aid the digestive tract by reducing upset stomachs and ulcers. 

Certain medications may interact with soursop, so check with your doctor first. This includes medications like those for blood pressure or diabetes. People with kidney or liver disease should also consult a professional beforehand. 

Helping with Disease, Infection, and Pain Management 

Eye disease and gout may get prevented with the properties found in soursop. Those with symptoms of fibromyalgia can also find relief from this powerful tea.

Other people use it to help with arthritis, headaches, and other types of pain. It's also gotten used as a holistic way to help heal wounds.  

Stabilizing Mood and Mental Health 

Drinking soursop tea can also help to stabilize the mood and lower stress levels. This can reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression.  

Offering Anti-Tumor Effects

Cancer patients are also using this tea to help shrink tumors. Studies show that soursop can be effective in killing cancer cells. This is helping patients with liver, breast, pancreatic, colon, lung, and prostate cancers. 

Its become a natural method for treating cancer. People are even using it as an alternative to chemotherapy.   

Promoting Healthier Hair, Skin, and Body Weight

Some people use soursop to create a topical for skin and hair health. Soursop's properties help to reduce free radical damage. This can aid in skin healing and reducing eczema.  

Soursop tea has also become part of many people's weight loss plan. Much like green tea, it can spur the metabolism and help burn fat. 

Brewing Soursop Tea

Also called Guyabano tea, this drink is easy to make at home. It offers a nice herbal tea flavor that is a bit sweeter than green tea. The tea also does not contain any caffeine.  

Start by using whole soursop leaves. These tea leaves should be organic and already dried. You'll need to steep the leaves to extract their health properties.  

It's best to use 2 to 3 leaves for each cup of tea. Place your leaves in a mug, tea diffuser, or a steeping device. Then add enough boiling water to fill your cup. 

You want to let the leaves sit and steep for about 5 minutes. The water should turn a light green color after a few minutes. You can also steep your leaves for even longer if you desire a stronger dose. 

You can also steep a larger amount of leaves in a pot of boiling water. Cover the pot and let the leaves simmer in the water for 10 to 20 minutes. 

Before drinking the tea, you'll want to filter it with a straining spoon. You can also use a filter with tiny holes. Some people even prefer to buy already made soursop tea bags

You can add agave syrup as a natural sweetener. Graviola tea can also get enjoyed as an iced tea. Some people even mix it with matcha for a different flavor profile and added health benefits.   

The recommended dose is about 3 cups per day. For an idea, 250 leaves will give you an average of 80 to 150 cups of tea. This amount should last you about a month.    

Cooking with Soursop

Soursop fruit also gets called custard apple, guanabana, and Brazilian paw paw. You can eat this fruit fresh, as it has a nice pineapple flavor.

Be sure that the fruit is ripe, with a soft interior and yellow-green colored skin. You'll need to peel the outer layer to get to the inside pulp. Don't consume the seeds inside as they may contain neurotoxins.  

The inside flesh of the fruit is great for making smoothies, juices, frozen yogurt, or pie filling. Also, check out these delicious soursop recipes. A glass of soursop juice is also a healthy way to start your morning. 

You can also season and cook the fruit. It tastes best when roasted in the oven or grilled. It also compliments a salad well or can get used in soups.  

Soursop is a nutritious and low-calorie fruit, containing B and C vitamins. It also offers fiber,  potassium, magnesium, and thiamine. This is the reason many people also take soursop in supplement form.     

Adding Graviola Tea to Your Daily Health Regimen

Drinking Graviola tea can help benefit your health and wellbeing. Its powerful properties offer protection against a variety of diseases. The tea is also easy to make in the comfort of your own home with the right products.

Be sure to always choose organic leaves. These get processed without the use of harmful additives, like pesticides. Products should also get vacuum-sealed for freshness and quality.  

Besides a cup of tea, you can also get soursop's health benefits from whole fruit or juice. Creative recipe ideas and cooking techniques also make it easy to add soursop to your diet. Browse the full collection of soursop products to enhance your lifestyle. 

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