Soursop: What Is It and How Does it Help Cancer Patients?


Soursop is a tropical fruit that has been used for centuries for its healing benefits and wonderful taste. Recently, research is finding that soursop fruit and leaves have cancer-fighting properties.

If you or a loved one are looking for natural cancer-fighting remedies, keep reading. Today, we are going to explain what soursop is and how it can help you get your life back.

What is Soursop?

Soursop, called guanabana in Spanish, or graviola in some cases, is a tropical fruit natural to the Caribbean, Central America, and South America. It is also grown in other tropical zones around the world.

Due to its unique sweet, but sour flavor, the soursop fruit is extremely popular and can be found in markets across the globe.

Soursop is the largest fruit and the most tropical of the Annona tree species. The fruit is oval in shape and typically as large or larger than a human head, weighing anywhere from five to 15 pounds. It becomes a beautiful bright green when ripe with small brown spines all around it.

In the version grown in the Caribbean, it can be smaller, about the size of a double fist weighing 1 to 2.5 lbs.

The inside of the fruit is a custardy pulp that can be consumed. The pulp is white or cream-colored and comes away easily from the pith. The fruit has a similar taste to a pineapple, but is unique. Some say it tastes like a mix between a pineapple and a banana, but with sour elements.

How is Soursop Consumed?

Soursop is eaten in many forms. The most popular use of the fruit is for fruit juice.

Spanish-speaking countries call this fresca, a juice made of water (agua), fruit, and sugar. Soursop drinks are named champola in Brazil and carato in Puerto Rico. Soursop fresca is refreshing, thirst-quenching, deliciously sweet, and has many benefits including helping digestion and increasing energy.

Some add soursop pulp to smoothies, as the flavor mixes nicely with other tropical fruit. Others simply eat the fruit pulp by itself, although it is extremely juicy which means it can get rather messy (so, bring a spoon!).

The soursop tree leaves can also be consumed. They are used to make a caffeine-free tea. You can find soursop tea under the name of Graviola tea (most common in English-speaking areas), pawpaw tea in Brazil, and guanabana tea in Central America and Spanish-speaking countries.

The leaves are dried or dehydrated to ensure the nutrients are not altered. Then they are steeped in boiling hot water to make tea. Click here to learn how you can make organic soursop tea at home.

What are the Benefits of Soursop?

For centuries, the soursop tree leaves have been used for numerous medicinal needs.


The leaves are considered to be naturally sedative. So, across the globe, graviola tea is used to improve sleep and decrease stress.

It is known that stress is detrimental to our health. Thus, one way that soursop may help fight cancer is by its stress-reducing properties.


It is known that too much cellular oxidation (a byproduct of stress) causes cancer. When your body oxidizes too much or too quickly to due exposure to stress (physical or mental) or harmful elements (pollution, toxins, etc.), your DNA becomes damaged and leads to bad (malignant) cells.

In addition, when your free radicals and oxidation process is unbalanced, this prevents your body from ridding itself of harmful cells. The more damage and less cell cleaning, the more malignant cells that occur. Eventually, those cells can become cancerous tumors.

To maintain or reestablish your body's healthy oxidation balance, you need antioxidants. Soursop fruit and leaves have been proven to have large antioxidant properties.

A recent study found graviola leaf extracts can increase antioxidant genes and reduce harmful free radicals (which cause too much oxidation). Another found the soursop extract to work against oxidative stress and repair cellular damage.

Antioxidants are not only beneficial for healing or preventing cancer. They also help reduce the rate of aging and are beneficial for healthy hair, skin, and nails. In addition, antioxidants are used to reduce inflammation inside the body.


Inflammation is our body's way of reacting to harm and damage. When inflammation becomes chronic, it can cause many long-term issues and pain.

Soursop has been used for centuries and is proven to decrease swelling and internal inflammation. It is often used for arthritis and skin afflictions such as eczema and eruptions which cause swelling. In addition, it has been used to treat swollen feet by drinking the tea or fruit, too.

Soursop can be used to treat fevers, as well, as fever is often a secondary response to inflammation and harmful bacteria or virus.

Chronic inflammation can lead to diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, and cancer. By consuming soursop and taking advantage of its anti-inflammatory properties, you can potentially prevent or treat these chronic diseases.

Pain Reduction

Soursop has analgesic properties, too. It can significantly decrease pain associated with joints, fevers, respiratory infections, injuries, and cancer.

In Africa and South America, people use graviola leaves as a wound ointment to reduce pain. In addition, many cultures drink soursop to heal internal pain such as stomach aches and sore throats.


To fight cancer, your immune system has to work hard. In order for your immune system to work properly, it must be healthy. A diet of immune-boosting foods can increase your body's immune responses and help you get healthy quicker.

Soursop is high in many immune-boosting properties, including vitamin C (77% of your daily needs in one cup), vitamin A, potassium, and antioxidants. The large amount of various vitamins and minerals not only motivates immunity but also gives you energy.

How to get Soursop for Yourself

As you can see, soursop has many benefits and advantageous properties for fighting cancer. Unfortunately, soursop is not grown in the U.S. and can be hard to find at markets or stores.

But don't worry. You can get soursop shipped directly to your door in any form you desire.

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