Soursop tea - Whole leaf, tea bags, combo tea packs

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Soursop Air Dried Whole Leaf Packs

You can buy organic soursop whole leaf packs to make tea from this store in packs of 2.5 oz. These are dried leaves that are handpicked from legacy trees in Malaysia. They are air dried and ready to make delicious tea. They come with a free guide that shows single cup preparation as well as a 30-day consumption guide. We also sell soursop tea bags.


What are soursop products used for?

You may know the soursop fruit as graviola, guanabana, or guyabano. It all relates the same tree and fruit, that has been used by generations of people as a delicious ingredient or a soothing beverage - some people just love the taste and eat it for pleasure and enjoyment. Others consume it for its nutrients.