How to order fresh soursop fruit

Yes, we do sell fresh soursop fruit. It is harvested every Sunday in the Caribbean. Each Tuesday we ship it to you on a 1 to 2 day courier service so it arrives fresh and ready to eat. Soursop ripens fast so we harvest it then ship it quickly to you. Fresh soursop from our farmers is available in 5 lb, 7 lb and 9 lb boxes. Larger quantities also available on request. Click here to buy fresh soursop now.



Soursop Leaves for Tea

You can buy organic soursop leaves for tea from this store in packs of 250, 500, 1000 or more. These are dried leaves that are handpicked from legacy trees in Malaysia. They are air dried and ready to make delicious tea. They come with a free guide that shows single cup preparation as well as a 30-protocol. We also sell soursop tea bags.


What are soursop products used for?

You may know the soursop fruit as graviola, guanabana, or guyabano. It all relates the same tree and fruit, that has been used by generations of people in natural medicine. It is most famous as a tool to help fight cancer. (Some say it's a possible cure.). But people use it for pain, to lower blood pressure, to fight viral and bacterial infections and to soothe the gut. Some people just love the taste and eat it for pleasure and enjoyment.